Sedan Driver Mistakes Green Light for Red Light in Pattaya Before Colliding into Another Sedan

Pattaya —

A sedan ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle, causing it to ram into a sign pole. The driver was unharmed and claimed that she had mistaken a green light for a red light.

Sawang Boriboon rescue responders rushed to a traffic accident site at the intersection in Central Pattaya around 3 AM this morning, March 10th. They found two sedans, white and bronze Honda Civics, a fallen motorcycle, and car parts scattered on the road.

The white car had large damage on the right side. It had also crashed and toppled a sign pole on the side of the road. The rescuers told The Pattaya News that three people had been injured by the accident, including a white sedan driver and a motorcycle rider.

The bronze sedan driver, Ms. Sirikanya Kraipimai, 34, admitted to ramming into a white sedan and causing it to crash into a pole and motorbike. The Thai woman, who was uninjured, said she had mistaken a green light for a red light.

The woman was taken to the Pattaya Police Station to face possible traffic charges. The two victims are recovering at a hospital.

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