Man Sets Woman on Fire and Stabs Her to Death in Samut Prakan

PHOTO: Thairath

Samut Prakan —

A man murdered a naked woman by setting her on fire and stabbing her to death after she jumped into a ditch to put out the blaze on Monday afternoon, March 6th.

The brutal attack was witnessed by several residents of Soi Nikhom Bang Pu 9 in Samut Prakan province.

Witnesses told police that they saw a pickup truck pulling up in the vicinity, and shortly after, a woman wearing only a towel emerged and ran toward the witnesses for assistance.

The residents said when an unidentified Thai man got off the car and marched toward the woman, they stepped in front of her to protect her. However, the man went back to his pickup, picked up a gallon of gasoline, and came back to throw fuel onto the woman and the others before igniting it, causing everyone to flee for their life.

The woman, who was engulfed in flames, then leaped into a ditch to put out the fire and escape her attacker, but he once again returned to his vehicle to grab a knife. The attacker stabbed the woman to her death in front of multiple witnesses, residents told police who were contacted and arrived at the scene after the incident.

The deceased woman was around 40-45 years old, according to police. She suffered severe burns and over six fatal stab wounds. One of the witnesses who was an elderly man sustained burns to his arms and was rushed to a hospital.

The suspect, who was aged about 40-45 years old, fled in his pickup truck after murdering the woman.

According to the latest reports, the suspect has been identified as Mr. Phisutsiri Chansoda, 42, and has been arrested in Chachoengsao province. The court had issued an arrest warrant on him for premeditated murder.

Phisutsiri and the victim were a couple, and he reportedly got into a violent argument with his girlfriend, which fueled him into murdering her.

The suspect is currently being interrogated at a Thai police station as of press time.

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