Get your message out there to thousands of customers-Baht Bus Advertising Pattaya

Why Advertise On Baht Buses?

Baht Bus advertising is perfect for brand awareness and reaching new people that are not connected to social media or Youtube.

The buses bring your adverts into every area of Pattaya. You can target anyone you want, tourists, Thais (to get staff), you can put recruitment adverts inside the baht buses and advertise to cars behind the baht buses. The cost is excellent value for money to get your brand/business out there. Also, there are 10+ Youtube streamers who regularly video passing baht buses, which is another excellent bonus. Many customers see our adverts on people’s YouTube channels.

Business owners often ask how to get more customers, we bring our adverts in line of your customer’s sight all over town, past their place of stay and on the internet.
Our advertising targets drivers, pedestrians, and business owners, and our buses are recorded daily on Youtube channels as Pattaya seems to be videoed daily by streamers.
We can help you with brand awareness or we have special offers if you buy more.
It’s perfect for customer acquisition as new people come to town and see your advertising before they connect online.
We recommend for bar owners 6 baht buses, we recommend gogos/night clubs should get 15-30 baht buses.
Please contact us for effective advertising. Thank you.
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