Thai Fans Still Mourn Over Tragic Death of Famous Thai Actress “Tangmo” as Case Hits 1st Anniversary

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Fans, relatives, and family members of the late Thai actress, Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong, traveled to the riverside pier in the Mueang district of Nonthaburi province to pay their respects on the first anniversary of the actress’s tragic death on February 26th.

Tangmo was a famous Thai actress who fell from her boat and drowned in the river last year. According to police reports, the late actress and five other people on the speedboat drank too much champagne and wine and became intoxicated. One of them with no training and experience of piloting a boat then got behind the wheel of the boat and caused the actress to fall into the river.

Tangmo was found deceased on February 26th, 2022, a couple of days after the incident. Her death put numerous Thai people into grief and prompted a months-long investigation. Her cause of death was concluded by Thai police as by recklessness of someone on the boat. Most of her friends were also charged with recklessness causing death.

Yesterday, at 10.30 AM, many gathered at the Phibunsongkhram 1 pier beside the Chao Phraya River to mourn the departed actress’s first anniversary. In a somber atmosphere, people laid flowers and Tangmo’s pictures, lit candles, and offered prayers in her memory. Some also floated krathongs in the river to pay tribute to the actress’s passing.

Although most media focused on the possibility of a crime being committed, unfortunately, drowning is an all too common occurrence in Thailand, and it is often preventable with the proper precautions and education.


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Aim Tanakorn
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