Recovery on Thai Tourism Boosts “Pool Villas” Urging J.D. Pools to Encourage Entrepreneurs

  In the Year of the Golden Rabbit, our tourism is expected to make a great recovery as a considerable number of tourists from around the world have been revisiting Thailand since 2022. Over 100,000 Russians have made reservations at pool villas across Phuket, a business that is still scarce in the area. J.D.Pools shows their stance to help support Thai entrepreneurs on the luxury staycation.


Thanusak Puengdej, CEO and managing director of J.D. Pools Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading luxury pool builder and distributor J.D. Pools stated that with China reopening its borders and lifting travel restrictions since 8 January 2023, it will greatly benefit the world economy, ASEAN and especially Thailand as we are long known as a dream destination for Chinese tourists as well as the ideal place for property investment. Although the number of Chinese tourists in the first phase is not that tremendous, it is likely to quickly accelerate, generating tons of revenue for Thailand.

Regarding Thai tourism outlook, most visitors were found to be more from other regions than China. For example, over 100 nationalities of travelers were documented at Phuket from 1 November 2022 – 14 January 2023 totaling 1.41 million people, of which 23,000 were Thai, 213,000 were Russian, 74,000 were Indian, and 40,000 were Australian and UK each.

“From November to December, over 100,000 Russians headed to Phuket which literally set a record. Whether it was to escape from violent weather or war with Ukraine, houses were all rented and hotels fully booked in no time. Note that most Russians have planned to stay for 3 months to as long as 1 year.”

Thanusak added what travelers usually demand but are short in the market is a ‘pool villa’ or a house that comes with a private pool, perfect for a family or a group of friends. With the situation in mind, J.D. Pools would love to help push tourism and hotel businesses specializing in pool villas by introducing our advanced pool-building technology that helps reduce time and cost while guaranteeing consistent quality to match the varying needs of foreign tourists.

J.D. Pools prides itself in a wide range of pool innovations from Composite Pool or fibreglass pool with Australian patented technology that ensures the speed and convenience of building and a long warranty period to accommodate small to medium pool villas, to iPanel Liner Pool, a custom shaped pool that boasts intelligent panel finished with concrete strength and a leak-free PVC liner. The iPanel Liner pool is also equipped with a mosaic-marble surface, pipeless filtration, and a built-in pump room for a unique and seamless pool experience.

“Now that the pool villa market is projected to further expand, J.D. Pools is more than happy to cater to the finest pool innovation, incorporating over 25 years of experience and know-how to help tailor to each and every entrepreneur’s need for achieving a business goal.”


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