Floating Pirate Ship Restaurant in Pattaya Heavily Damaged by Strong Waves and Wind

Pattaya, Thailand-

A popular and fairly new floating pirate ship-themed restaurant was heavily damaged by strong winds and waves today, January 30th, 2023.

The ship, known as the Krakenian, has been very popular with social media influencers on Instagram since it opened late last year and had been getting spectacular reviews by visitors.

However, around 4:00 P.M. today, January 30th, particularly strong winds and waves caused the pirate themed vessel that is a bar, restaurant, live music venue, and squid fishing boat to heavily lean to one side, causing damage and partial submersion of the vessel. A preliminary review by marine authorities seemed to support the view that a water pump in the vessel had not operated properly, but this was not a final decision.

Sawang Boriboon rescue workers helped evacuate those on board and there were no injuries due to quick responses by those involved. The vessel was temporarily secured by marine personnel and rescue workers with floatation devices to prevent it from sinking entirely. The boat had no customers on board at the time as it had been closed due to the winds and waves.

The owner of the Krakenian, Mr. Pichet Thanomchat, 41 years old, spoke to media late on Monday evening, January 30th, and said that the ship had not completely sunk and was secure for the time being. He stated that water had entered the left side of the ship and caused it to tilt dangerously and plans were being developed with the Marine Department to safely move the ship to a dock and make repairs. He was very thankful that no customers had been on board during the incident and that the very few staff on board were swiftly and safely evacuated.

Relevant agencies continue to review the incident. Pictures taken by many people from Pattaya Beach went viral on Thai social media with many expressing sadness and concern as the pirate ship had already become a very visible landmark for tourism and having positive feedback and reviews despite being new to the area.

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