UPDATE: Two Thai Cops Transferred After Allegedly Charging Chinese Tourist VVIP Services

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Two out of three Thai police officers have been transferred to inactive posts after a probe found that they were really involved in providing a VVIP service to a female Chinese Tiktok influencer.

First our previous story:

The Thai national police chief has ordered a police inspector-general to look into an allegation made by a Chinese tourist that she paid Thai police officers to provide her “VVIP’’ services when she arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Now for our update:

Three officers in a viral video posted by a Chinese woman, who claimed she had paid these officers to rush her through immigration at Suvarnabhumi airport and escort her all the way to a hotel in Pattaya, have been identified as a police captain from the Tourist Police Bureau and two traffic police sergeants.

The three policemen faced an investigation immediately after the video circulated on social media.

Recently, two of them have been transferred to inactive posts, according to reports. Their names were reserved pending an ongoing investigation.

The three cops, according to the Chinese tourist’s claim, whisked her and her mother through Immigration and Customs, conveniently carried their luggage to a taxi, and even went so far as to open the car’s door for them.

The bellboy policemen then drove a motorcycle with a a siren and emergency lights in front of her taxi and opened a siren to slide through traffic to take her to Pattaya.

This motorcycle was later discovered to be registered as a private vehicle, not a police vehicle. It was found parked at the Traffic Police Division in Bangkok on Sunday.

This meant the accused policemen did not commit a criminal offense because the vehicle used in the escort was not a police vehicle. Still, they were considered to have behaved improperly, said the deputy commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau.

“The policemen were out doing sideline jobs on the day of the incident because no organizations requested special treatment for any tourists that day,” the deputy commissioner said.

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