British Tourist with Possible Mental Health Issue Assisted by Pattaya Officials After Jumping Off Bali Hai Pier

Pattaya —

A British man who was suspected to have mental illness suddenly jumped off Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya and swam away from rescuers, resisting aid, on Saturday, January 7th.

Pattaya security officer and eyewitness Mr. Thanongsak Chimluang told local media that he was facilitating tourists at Bali Hai Pier when he spotted one boat that abruptly stopped from docking.

Upon closer inspection, the officer found that one foreign man was floating in the sea, but he was not in danger of drowning because he was able to swim and was, in fact, attempting to swim away from the boat.

แตกตื่นทั้งท่าเรือ หนุ่มต่างชาติคลั่ง โดดน้ำท่าเรือแหลมบาลีฮาย (มีคลิป)
PHOTO: Nation TV

The man acted aggressively and refused assistance from Sawang Boriboon rescuers, according to Thanongsak. He tried to hide behind Bali Hai Pier’s foundation post, but rescuers were eventually able to lasso him with a rope and lifted him off the water onto a boat after over an hour.

Later identified as a British national, the man still resisted help and fought with rescuers and police as he was being transferred to the Pattaya police station. The man was about 45 years old, according to police, however, his name could not be identified. Police believed the man suffered from a mental condition.

แตกตื่นทั้งท่าเรือ หนุ่มต่างชาติคลั่ง โดดน้ำท่าเรือแหลมบาลีฮาย (มีคลิป)
PHOTO: Nation TV

Another eyewitness said he saw the tourist suddenly jumping off Bali Hai Pier into the sea when the boat he was riding on from Koh Larn was about to dock.

Pattaya mayor Poramase Ngampiches thanked every party involved for safely helping the tourist. He said this incident proved the effectiveness of Pattaya’s water security measures.

It was unknown what action would be taken against the tourist or if he would be taken to a psychiatric hospital after being brought to the Pattaya Police Station.

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