A Look at the Week Ahead in Thailand News: Chinese Tourism Returns, New Covid Entry Requirements Start

The following is our weekly feature here at TPN media in which we preview the top stories emerging over the next week. This allows our readers to quickly get an update on what our editorial team feels are the most important stories without digging through our dozens of stories weekly.

This covers the period of Sunday, January 8th, 2023 to Saturday, January 14th, 2023.

Our top story and main focus will be two coinciding points of interest for our readers. The first will be the return of Chinese tourists effective from January 8th along with new Covid entry requirements for everyone taking place from January 9th.

We have covered both of these major events in prior articles, first you can find details on the return of Chinese tourism here.

Second, you can read our extensive coverage on new Covid entry restrictions for everyone here.

The return of Covid documentation proof, in particular vaccine proof, has been a sensitive one for many readers with hundreds of comments and messages flooding our social media and inboxes today at The Pattaya News. The decision, which Thailand made across the board versus just on Chinese nationals like the US or UK did, has been polarizing with many readers.

Some readers who either no longer have their vaccine proof or those who are unvaccinated have stated they have now canceled their trips due to the sudden notice of the new requirements. It is important to note, however, that the new requirements currently only run until the end of January, in which Thai officials can presumably evaluate the Covid situation and how the return of Chinese tourists is affecting it better.

Of course, the requirements could be extended but for now run until January 31st. Thai government officials stated to the press that they wanted the rules to be equal across the board and not discriminate against one particular country while also requiring the documentation to calm down nervous Thai residents about the reopening of Chinese borders.

Despite the promise of equal treatment, some commenters on social media pointed out that Thais themselves are exempt from the new requirements. Regardless, the rules are here to stay for now. It will be the responsibility of airline carriers to check documentation before flying, not Thailand’s, so questions and inquiries about requirements should be directed to your airline.

We will keep you updated on this story all next week and any changes.

Adam Judd
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