UPDATE: Special team on hunt for merciless gunman who killed British ex-pat in Pattaya

Pattaya —

Chonburi Police Region 2 is hunting down a mysterious murderer who shot and killed a retired British engineer yesterday, January 5th.

First our previous story:

A retired British engineer was shot to death in Pattaya while traveling home last night, January 5th. The cause of the incident remains a mystery.

Now for our update:

Pol. Lt. Col. Ittipon Ittisaranachai, chief of Police Region 2, called for a meeting of immigration officials, tourist police, and investigators to track down the suspect who shot a 70-year-old British man to death last night.

The victim was brutally shot four times in the back, according to police

Pol. Lt. Col. Ittipon told The Pattaya News the motive behind the murder still cannot be disclosed, but he assured the media that the case is progressing well. He said authorities are gathering all types of evidence including three gun shells found at the scene and CCTV recordings around the area.

The police also examined the victim’s financial transactions and visa. They found that the victim had lived in Thailand legally for over 20 years and had a Thai family.

His wife’s testimony to the police could not be revealed but police did not call her a person of interest, only that they had interviewed her.

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