Alleged gambler flees into sea when caught gambling on Jomtien Beach

PHOTO: Matichon

Pattaya —

Three alleged gamblers were arrested by Pattaya police today, January 1st, for blatantly gambling on the beach. One of them was so spooked he ran into the sea to flee arrest.

A team of Pattaya police led by Pol. Lt. Col. Krirkrit Saiwana, deputy superintendent of the Pattaya police station, arrested three gambling suspects on Jomtien Beach in front of The Now Hotel at 9 AM after receiving a tip-off from a concerned informant.

The police told local media that the informant said these men were partying and playing an illegal Hi-Low game right on the beach with no regard for the law. Once the police arrived, however, these three men immediately dispersed in all directions, and one of them even decided to run into the sea to flee arrest, according to Pol. Lt. Col. Krirkrit.

PHOTO: Matichon

Regardless, all suspects were arrested. The man who dashed into the sea eventually gave up and surrendered to the police waiting on the beach. Pattaya police impounded Hi-low tools, dice, and cash from the suspects and took them to the Pattaya police station. The suspects reportedly admitted to gambling but only for fun among their group.

Still, Pattaya police pursued legal action and charged them with gambling.

Thailand has some of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the world.


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