40 underage pub-goers found at a pub in Sisaket

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Police raided a reportedly unlicensed pub in Sisaket province and found over 40 pub-goers who were still underage yesterday, December 24th.

The unnamed venue located in the Pho subdistrict of Mueang district, Sisaket, was still packed with pub-goers although it was already past the legal closing time for night venues, according to Sisaket police.

The officers ordered the pub operators to turn off the music and examined each individual’s identity card. Once finished, over 40 people appeared to be minors under the age of 20 years old, police found. It was also reported that the pub operators did not even bother checking the customers’ ID cards before allowing them to get in.

One pub operator only identified as Mr. Chinnakorn, 32, was taken to the local police station on charges of operating an entertainment venue without a license, selling alcohol past the legal time, and inducing or allowing children to behave at risk of committing a legal offense.

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