UPDATE: Police on the hunt for suspected insurgents who caused train derailment in Songkhla

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  Songkhla police are hunting for suspected insurgents who set off a bomb to derail a freight train in Songkhla’s Sadao district on Saturday, December 3rd.

First our previous story:

Songkhla authorities have tightened up safety measures after a bomb planted on the railway caused a freight train derailment in the Sadao district on Saturday, December 3rd. No injuries were reported.

Now for our update:

The bomb was set off when cargo train No.707 was approaching the Khlong Ngae railway station on Saturday. The incident, fortunately, injured nobody, but eleven of the 20 cars were derailed and badly damaged.

Officials from the State Railway of Thailand are removing the train and repairing the track to make it operational again. Pol. Maj. Gen. Wara Vechapinan, Commander of the Songkhla Provincial Police, told Thai media that he believed the suspects were southern insurgents coming from other areas.

The suspects are being hunted by legal officers. Significant evidence around the blasted track has been collected and is being examined by forensic experts.

Other than impeding travel for numerous passengers traveling between Hat Yai and Padang Besar, the bomb is aimed at affecting the economy in the area, said Pol. Maj. Gen. Wara. The insurgents might not intend to hurt anybody because they only targeted a freight train.

Many potential suspects have been called in for questioning, but no solid leads have been discovered so far.


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