UPDATE: Big Joke visits Pattaya, gives press conference on major ransom and abduction case on Walking Street involving Chinese nationals

Pattaya —

Chinese suspects along with the victim whose finger was amputated for a 37-million-baht ransom were set to be deported from Thailand and blacklisted from entering the country for illegally staying in the kingdom on student visas.

Our previous story:

Pattaya police issued two arrest warrants for two Chinese suspects who allegedly abducted a 40-year-old Chinese national from Pattaya Walking Street and amputated his finger for a ransom.

Now for our update:

Deputy National Police Chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn announced the close of the abduction case involving Chinese kidnappers who abducted their own former friend from Walking Street and chopped off his finger for a ransom in October.

Big Joke personally visited Pattaya last night, November 21st, to discuss the case.

The two kidnappers, Mr. Zhang “Tatao” Delong, 30, and Mr. Zhang Wenjia, 25, were arrested in Bangkok and charged with colluding in extortion, detention, physical assault, and stealing at night.

Big Joke said the kidnappers were actually close with the victim because they ran a call scam center in a neighboring country together. The two kidnappers got into a conflict with the victim and abducted him for money.

An investigation also discovered that the two suspects and the victim illegally stayed in Thailand on student visas, so all three of them would be deported and blacklisted, according to Big Joke.

The Thai immigration officials who granted student visas to the Chinese suspects were undergoing disciplinary punishment.

Big Joke revealed the suspects crossed from Cambodia to Thailand to escape an intense crackdown on illegal migrants in Cambodia driven by the Chinese government.

Thailand is also currently cracking down on illegal Chinese migrants and Chinese running illegal or grey businesses in the country.

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