Pattaya marijuana sellers attack Indian tourists for sitting in customer seats without paying and alleged product damage

Pattaya —

Angry Pattaya marijuana sellers allegedly attacked a group of three Indian tourists after they reportedly sat on customer seats without paying.

The bizarre violent confrontation took place on Pattaya Walking Street in South Pattaya today, November 14th. At 3 AM, tourist police were called to halt a fight between a group of Thai marijuana sellers and a group of three Indian tourists, which broke out amidst several innocent pedestrians this morning.

In the end, police officers were successfully able to stop the fight. Two Indian tourists suffered skull and facial injuries and were rushed to a local hospital. None of the cannabis vendors’ or tourists’ names were revealed to the press.

One unidentified cannabis vendor claimed to The Pattaya News that the Indian tourists, after buying ice cream from other stalls, came to sit on his shop’s chairs for customers without permission or paying. The tourists also seemed intoxicated, according to the vendor, and accidentally knocked down the cannabis sales tables, damaging product, leading to a verbal altercation and then physical violence.

The vendor added his friend and co-worker asked for 90,000 baht from the Indian tourists in compensation for the damage to tables and cannabis products and that’s when the situation escalated to a physical confrontation.

Meanwhile, an unnamed woman who accompanied the tourists told The Pattaya News her side of the story. According to her, the tourists did sit on the vendors’ chairs, which she said triggered the vendors. The angry vendors then smashed the tourists’ heads with glass bottles. However, the woman did not mention if the tourists damaged the vendors’ property first or not.

One vendor and three tourists were summoned to give their statements at the Pattaya police station this morning, November 14th, to be fair for both sides.

There was no immediate release from Thai police on the results of the summons.

Cannabis is current decriminalized in Thailand, notes TPN, however Thai politicians continue to debate draft laws and regulations.


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