Thai FDA announces Public Health Ministry’s amendments related to marijuana-infused food product regulations


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The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced some changes of regulations related to food products containing cannabis and hemp substances.

Dr. Withit Saritsadeechaikul, FDA Deputy Secretary-General, told the Associated Press on Tuesday, October 25th, that the Ministry of Public Health had issued an amended notification under the Food Act, regarding food products containing cannabis or hemp substances which included three issues.

First, the Notification No.437 scrapped the maximum content of CBD requirements in products containing hemp seeds because the amount of CBD found in the seed is very rare and there are no particular concerns about the health safety.

Second, the Notification No.438 amended the standards of food with cannabis and hemp substances that are directly sold to consumers. In the case of condiments, they must contain an amount of THC not more than 0.0032 by weight and CBD not more than 0.0028 by weight because seasonings are used in small quantities in cooking. As for other food products, they must not contain THC more than 1.6 milligrams and CBD more than 1.41 milligrams per unit.

In cases that the products are not sold directly to consumers or sold as raw materials to food production manufacturers, Dr. Withit stated that the appropriate amount of THC and CBD and cautions must be written for food producers for their productions.

The recommended amount per serving should be properly labelled on the package with uncomplicated wordings. If the products are not sold directly to consumers, a warning of “Do not sell directly to consumers” must be labelled, the deputy secretary warned.

The third issue covers additional details related to the CBD extracts in the food processing process, the optimization of CBD-oil for the water solubility in food processing, and the amendment of CBD-infused dietary supplements.

Entrepreneurs who produce cannabis or hemp-containing foods are strongly encouraged to study the announcement for more details here.

The amendments and additional information were to create mutual understandings and practical possibilities of the industry while the consumers are able to consume the product safely.


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