UPDATE: Raided Pattaya club’s manager apologizes for fleeing customers, arguing with police

Pattaya —

The manager of CLUB ONE Pattaya — a famous pub that was raided by Pattaya law enforcement yesterday, October 23rd — apologized for customers’ disobedience with the inspection and reportedly admitted that he could not control the use of illegal drugs by patrons in the venue.

Our previous story:

A popular entertainment venue, CLUB ONE Pattaya, was raided in the early hours of this morning, October 23rd. A number of drugs were found and confiscated while roughly 200 Thai and foreign customers escaped.

Now for our update:

The Chonburi Governor issued an urgent directive yesterday, October 23rd, following a viral statement reportedly made by CLUB ONE PATTAYA’s manager, Nitipat Chokchaithanaphorn, who reportedly claimed that he had a connection with the Chonburi Governor and even regularly had dinner with him.

In the directive, the governor affirmed he had never known or met the pub’s manager before and was gathering evidence to pursue legal action against him over his statement.

The governor added that the reason more than 200 customers of CLUB ONE PATTAYA were able to escape drug tests was that they largely outnumbered Pattaya police and that the venue had many exits.

In addition, the raiding officers had to refrain from forcefully shutting the gates to avoid a violent confrontation since most customers were intoxicated and crammed at the front gate, resulting in many being able to slip away, according to the Chonburi Governor.

Meanwhile, CLUB ONE PATTAYA’s manager, Nitipat Chokchaithanaphorn, who was taken to the Pattaya police station after the incident, claimed that he was drunk while he blurted out to raiding officers that he knew the Chonburi Governor and often had dinner with him. “I am really sorry for making such a claim. I was drunk and feared that my pub would be shut down,” Nitipat told Pattaya police.

The manager also claimed that he always complied with the regulations about illegal drugs, weapons, and minor access. However, he reportedly admitted that the use of illegal drugs inside his venue was out of his control since there were many customers.

The pub’s manager faces four charges: 1. Selling liquor without permission, 2. Selling liquor after the legal time limit, 3. Operating an entertainment venue without permission, and 4. Allowing or failing to prohibit the carrying of weapons, explosives, or illegal drugs into the premises.

Chief of Pattaya Police Kunlachart Kunlachai revealed to The Pattaya News that CLUB ONE PATTAYA has been ordered to shut down from yesterday, October 23rd until further notice. He affirmed that Pattaya police would never accept any illegal offers from venue operators to exempt their venues from inspection.

A checkpoint would be set up in front of CLUB ONE PATTAYA to randomly check passing vehicles around the area, the police chief said.


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