Reader Feedback/opinion Condition of boardwalk area on Pattaya Beach

The following is a reader e-mail about our recent article HERE regarding complaints around the boardwalk area on Pattaya Beach. Their opinions are their own.

To be quite honest, I do not expect any meaningful action from the authorities.

The big hole in the boardwalk I wrote to you about which you posted in a Pattaya Forum was still there a few days ago and probably still is now. Not only this, the boardwalk is in even a worse condition now than it has ever been, much of it beyond repair capabilities. Even without your post, Pattaya authorities are aware of the problem.

I see them every day there walking over the boardwalk looking for people drinking beer at the beach the way it has always been done (although in fairness not as strict as even a few months ago), but the severe disrepair of the boardwalk doesn’t seem to faze them. Most of the time I find that even when they send out workers to do repairs it gets done with shoddy workmanship.

A few months ago I saw a few boards installed that were almost double the height than the surrounding ones!!! What a perfect trap for tripping over them. The disrepair I am talking about refers to the frames unto which the boards are fastened. Some of the frames are either not existing any more or damaged so much that new boards cannot be fastened on them.

I am really surprised that the authorities are ignoring the problem as every day there are thousands of tourists and locals walking across there. You hear all the cheap talk about making Pattaya attractive again after Covid, yet they are ignoring such an obvious eyesore and safety hazard.


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