Thai vendors allegedly brawl with Chonburi officials over “best spots” at a local market

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล/ นันทพล ทิพย์ศรี

Mueang district, Chonburi —

Several Thai vendors were injured, reportedly after brawling with members of the Chonburi City Council over selling spot rearrangements at a local market.

Mueang police rushed to halt a violent fight between Thai vendors and what appeared to be members of Chonburi City Council, according to the vendors’ claims, at a local market in front of Chonburi City Hall on Wednesday, October 5th.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล/ นันทพล ทิพย์ศรี

Two vendors, Mr. Weera Nakacharoonsit, 73, and his relative Mr. Sukij Nakacharoonsit, 43, were found at the scene. They both sustained non-life-threatening injuries, claiming they were physically assaulted by a group of Chonburi City Council members who fled after the incident.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล/ นันทพล ทิพย์ศรี

Sukij told Mueang police he was a street vendor at this market for a long time. However, the council members came up to him on Wednesday, telling him to move to a new spot at the market, which enraged him because he did not like the new spot. He then quarreled with the officials, which ultimately escalated into a brawl.

Mueang police said they would summon both sides for questioning to be fair and examine CCTV footage to find who exactly started the brawl.


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