Thai marijuana entrepreneurs and farmers urge government to assure marijuana law due to fear over its first withdrawal

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Local entrepreneurs of marijuana businesses are urging the Thai government to reiterate its support on cannabis and hemp laws due to fears over the withdrawal of the first draft law by the House of Representatives.

The rejection showed disagreement among the coalition government as well as triggered fears among health associations, cannabis investors, and the public as the law may be delayed without notice and cause significant financial loss among investors and negative consequences among society.

Sittichai Daengprasert, chairman of the Dietary Supplement Industry Club and Herbal Industry Club under the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), stated that the withdrawal caused confusion among small entrepreneurs and concerns that the drug may be recategorized as an illegal narcotic drug again.

The chairman stated: “[The withdrawal] also results in the delay in partnership between Thai cannabis-production companies and foreign investors as well as the development of cannabis-related products and medical formulas.”

Thanatcha Chalayonnavin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Play La Ploen Boutique Resort that also holds a local cannabis-hemp pilot plantation in Buriram province, said that there were many local farmers and smallholders who started to grow cannabis and hemp to become their main sources of income as soon as the plantation was decriminalized.

However, they became lost and hopeless after the Cannabis and Hemp Draft Act was withdrawn in its first consideration.

“Many people had invested all they had in marijuana plantations but there was no market to support their products. They only knew that the plants were economic crops but not knowing who the buyer was, what the plantation quality and plantation standards were required. When the draft law was rejected and had to start over, it affected them all,” Thanatcha added.


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Nop Meechukhun
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