Thai Ministry of Public Health reiterates safe and practical cannabis and hemp draft law

Dr. Praphon Tangsrikiatkul // PHOTO: Matichon

National –The Ministry of Public Health reiterates the cannabis and hemp draft law to be safe and practical, prioritizing the needs of the people. Dr. Praphon Tangsrikiatkul, Committee Chairman of Marijuana for Medical Use under the Ministry of Public Health, revealed on Monday, September 26th, that the committee held a meeting with the Public Health Ministry to review and seek conclusions for the guidelines of planting, producing, using and distributing cannabis and hemp for medical purposes after the draft bill was voted withdrawn earlier this month.

The Chairman stated that the committee acknowledged the needs of the people in Thailand and around the world to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes and attempted to draft the law and regulations for the sake of the people and hopefully for the reformation of the Thai health system.

Dr. Praphon stated: “In Thailand, cannabis is designated as a controlled herb which means that if one violated the law, they would be charged for a criminal offence. And as for the production of food, beverages, or other goods, related laws are currently implemented under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration, so Thailand is not in a ‘so-called vacuum’ state as many people incorrectly understood.”

“According to the Department of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine, there are 801 institution requests for distribution and processing cannabis and hemp for products and about 67 requests for export. Currently, the Department has also accelerated training and enhancing competence for officials to efficiently create mutual understanding and work process in the same direction.” Dr. Praphon concluded.


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Nop Meechukhun
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