UPDATE: Suspect and staff member arrested in Chonburi for 3.4 million baht robbery, staff member allegedly conspired with suspect

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

Ban Bueng district, Chonburi —

Two suspects including a man in a green food delivery outfit and a female staff member, who turned out to be conspiring with the suspect, were arrested in Chonburi for a 3.4 million baht robbery, according to police reports.

First, in our previous story,

A man wearing a food delivery jacket allegedly robbed 3.4 million baht from a woman in Chonburi around 2:30 P.M. yesterday, September 20th.

Now for our update:

Chonburi police revealed CCTV footage showing Ms. Prapaporn Boonmeesanom, a 24-year-old suspect who was also a staff member of an undisclosed company, walking out of the bank after withdrawing around 3.4 million baht to pay the company’s employees, accompanied by a driver, Mr. Kritchaphat Surakul.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

Then the police pointed to another suspect, Mr. Jatuphon Boonmeesanom (27). He was sitting on a motorbike 50 meters away from Prapaporn and the driver, wearing a green food delivery jacket and seemingly waiting for the two to arrive at their van.

Police said Jatuphon drove to the van and began attacking the driver over an adultery accusation until the driver ran away. He then took the bag of money from Prapaporn and escaped.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

However, an investigation later determined that Prapaporn was actually Jatuphon’s older sister. She allegedly conspired with her brother to steal the money from her company, claiming that she was deep in debt.

The two suspects were arrested with 3.2 million baht cash. Chonburi police stated that they would carry on with the investigation to find the rest of the money. It was unclear where the disparity in the cash amount came from.


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