Gas leak reported in Nakhon Pathom factory this morning, authorities rush to assist

PHOTO: Foundation of National Disaster Warning Control

Nakhon Pathom –

Three educational institutions in the Salaya district of Nakhon Pathom announced their immediate closure this morning after chemicals leaked from a factory in the Nakhon Chai Si district this morning, September 22nd.

The strong odor of chemicals was reported in a large area. Several complaints from local residents on their social media also stated that the gas caused nasal pain from inhaling.

Initially, the factory managed to contain the leak at around 6:35 AM. but the gas smells still spread widely in the neighborhood as well as in some areas of Bangkok.

PHOTO: Thai Post

As of this afternoon, Atthaphon Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Pollution Control Department (PCD), told the Associated Press that the leaked chemical was confirmed to be ‘Hot oil down term DT1’ which was a aromatic substitution of benzene which can spread in a wide range and cause respiratory irritation, according to his statement.

An air quality assessment was also conducted at six major institutions within a 1-20 kilometers range and it was found that no harmful substances nor gas smell were any longer detected in the areas.

PHOTO: Thai Post

Nakhon Pathom Governor Surasak Charoensirichot has ordered the factory to temporarily suspend their business until a proper assessment and maintenance is conducted. Meanwhile, officials from provincial public health offices and hospitals in the area are providing health assistance to affected locals and closely monitoring their health.


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