Two Kuwaiti men arrested in Bangkok’s Soi Nana for reportedly attacking Thai woman and stabbing local citizen on Saturday

PHOTO: Khaosod

Bangkok –

Two Kuwaiti men were arrested at Soi Nana of Bangkok on Saturday, September 17th, after reportedly attacking a Thai woman and stabbing a citizen who attempted to stop the fight.

Lumphini police arrived at the scene after being alerted to the incident in front of the Nana Hotel around 4:00 AM. on Saturday. The suspects were reportedly hiding at the hotel’s rooftop when the police arrived.

Two foreigners were captured and identified as Kuwaiti nationals named Dhary Alemtairy and Abdullah Alenezi. Both were 21 years old.

A group of injured people who were local citizens told the police that the two foreigners were reportedly looking intoxicated and were quarreling with people at the footpath in front of the Nana Hotel before reportedly going to attack a Thai woman.

Therefore, the local citizens approached the scene and tried to stop them but some of them were punched in the face. One of them was reportedly stabbed in the back while trying to stop the fight. The injuries, however, were relatively minor and not life-threatening.

When being examined, none of the alleged foreign attackers carried passports or identification. The police then initially charged them for not carrying identity documents and quarreling in the public that caused injuries. It was unclear if the two men had an alcohol breathalyzer test to determine if they were intoxicated at the time of the altercation.

The two foreign men did not immediately release a statement and their embassy was reportedly aware of the incident.


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