Seven minors summoned for interrogation following shooting incident at school’s computer room in Bangkok

Bangkok –

Seven minors were summoned for interrogation at the Bang Bua Thong District Police Station in Bangkok on Friday, September 16th, following the case of a 14-year-old student who was reportedly shot by his friend at a school’s computer room on Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon, a schoolboy was reportedly shot by his classmate while he was reportedly showing off his shotgun in the computer room. However, the gun reportedly slipped from the friend’s hand onto the computer keyboard, firing by accident, and therefore caused the incident.

According to the police’s initial interrogation, the weapon was a handmade Thai firearm and no conflicts were reported to be a trigger of the incident. The gun reportedly belonged to a friend in the group. After the incident, none of them attempted to flee but they attempted to hide the gun. About 11 people, including students, involved in the case were under police custody, insisting that they did not intentionally cause the incident.

However, as most of the involved were minors, the police could only conduct a brief interrogation as the process must be assisted by child psychologists. Names were withheld due to the ages of those involved.

Police Colonel Prut Chamroonsart, superintendent of the Bang Bua Thong district police station, explained that the reason why some news reported that a keyboard explosion caused the incident was because a school teacher only heard a loud explosion and saw a broken keyboard, as the students hid the firearm, she then reported to the police as it was without knowing that it was a misunderstanding until a further investigation.

It was unclear how the student managed to bring the firearm to school or how the student came into possession of the firearm, both these factors were being reviewed by law enforcement.

Photo Courtesy: Manager Online


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