Thai Democrat Party demanded Cannabis and Hemp Draft Act withdrawal from council’s consideration on Wednesday

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Bangkok –

The Democrat Party demanded the withdrawal of the Cannabis and Hemp Draft Act, drafted by the draft committee, reasoning that it was a lax law that could cause negative affect to the society.

Several Party MPs announced the Party’s response to the Draft of the Cannabis and Hemp Act which was to be submitted and considered at the council meeting on Wednesday, September 14th.

Trang MP Sathit Wongnongtoey stated that although the party agreed with the draft law, many of the regulations and laws were loose as it was likely to promote homegrown cannabis and grant the general public permission to register for the cannabis cultivation, which the party deemed that they were not for medical purposes but rather support the recreational purposes that the Public Health claimed that they opposed.

Sathit stated: “The party, therefore, urged the government and the Ministry of Public Health to review the Ministry’s announcement and re-announce cannabis and hemp as narcotics drugs. We’d like to call for the Committee to withdraw its draft act from the council’s consideration and review the draft again.”

“This is a matter of principle rather than political. And we hoped the supporting parties will recognize the current social issues.”

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As of Wednesday afternoon, the House of Representatives resolved to withdraw the Draft Act from the agenda by 198 votes to 136 with 12 abstentions.

According to Pheu Thai party leader Chonlanan Srikaew, the draft was proposed to the House of Representatives for the core purpose of using cannabis and hemp for medical purposes and add economic value to the plants. Therefore, the Party accepted the principle of this draft bill at first.

However, during the drafting by the drafting committee, established by Ministry of Public Health, there had been a huge revision as the draft did not answer the question of how to control the plantations and especially the recreational use of marijuana that many MPs and the public were mostly concerned with, according to his statement.

Chonlanan stated: “The Pheu Thai Party, therefore, decided to oppose this draft bill in order for it to be withdrawn from the agenda, so that the bill could be revised, especially on the status of marijuana in the narcotics law. The draft was loose and potentially endangered youth and their health.”


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