Many stray dogs and cats at Sri Racha temple sterilized and vaccinated

PHOTO: ประชาชาตินิวส์ ทีวี ภูมิภาค

Sri Racha —

A large number of stray dogs and cats that were inhabiting a temple in Sri Racha were sterilized and vaccinated to prevent various diseases.

The vaccination and sterilization site was set up at the Wat Phan Sadet Nai temple in Sri Racha, Chonburi, yesterday, September 13th, by the Chonburi Provincial Livestock Office.

PHOTO: ประชาชาตินิวส์ ทีวี ภูมิภาค

The event is one of the attempts to rein in the stray animal population in Sri Racha, which is among the districts most infested with stray animals, according to the attending veterinarians.

Vaccination and sterilization are imperative for both stray and pet animals, as they can minimize the risk of animals getting sick and attacking people.

PHOTO: ประชาชาตินิวส์ ทีวี ภูมิภาค

About 30 cats and dogs living around Wat Phan Sadet Nai temple were vaccinated and sterilized yesterday in total. The Chonburi Provincial Livestock officials pledged to continue this event every month.


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