Reader Talkback Thailand Results: Does Pattaya need a tram/monorail or similar transportation system?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

Does Pattaya need a tram/monorail or similar transportation system?

Some context around this question:

We ask this as, after two years plus of what Pattaya City leaders called Covid-19 delays, plans for studying a monorail/tram/Bangkok style BTS system have returned. You can read about it here.

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so we selected a variety of the most varied opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:


Shamrock Bar-Absolutely not, Pattaya already has the best transportation system of any resort !


NuanJan-I think it will be too expensive for the short route it will cover, not to mention the disruption of building it.


Rafael R-There were two routes discussed in the past. One in the city, Balihai to Terminal21 is a tram – in my opinion not feasible, expensive, out of place, and bad for local drivers. The other makes a lot more sense, a monorail from Terminal21 along Pattaya North and Sukhumvit all the way to the high-speed train station to be built in Na Jomtien where the new Bangkok highway joins Sukhumvit. Big plan, let’s see the high-speed train to Bangkok and the airports come closer to reality first. Without that, no sense at all.


Shane B-I’d love to see a high-speed train connecting Pattaya with BKK…


Albert Z-My opinion,

Pattaya/Jomtien is such a city along the beach that it needs an efficient city traffic system which is in addition to the street traffic with buses, cars, and bikes. Because of missing space, I see a monorail as the better solution, but experts are no better.
The Pattaya Taxi system is monopolistic and too expensive. This overpriced system has to be broken.
Graham W-I think it would be a huge waste of money and resources as the city needs much more important infrastructure at the moment.   Also lets not start digging up the roads and pavements again !!
The solution to transporting around the city for tourists and residents alike !!
1)   STOP buses coming into the City.    Make a large “Park and Ride ”  area/facility outside the City where coaches and vehicles/visitors can park ( pay a nominal daily/hourly fee) and have “City”  electric buses running on dedicated bus lanes into and out of the City.  The route IN say down South  Pattaya road, along 2nd road, then out on North Pattaya road with various dedicated stop/pick up points. This creates a circular route.    A limited number of “City only” Baht buses can then be allowed to shuffle people around the city.
At the Park and Ride facility, Baht buses can be used to transport persons/visitors/workers into/out of the city.
2)  Introduce a CITY entry fee for cars and motorbikes for ALL those that can not prove they reside inside the City limits.   This would be easy as a “City Pass” can be issued to those proven eligible.  ALL others to pay a fee which must be sufficient to discourage cars/bikes /others from entering the City.
3) There must be secure adequate parking at the “Park and Ride” facility with undercover walkways to/from the pick up/drop off points for the buses.
Dedicated bus lanes should be marked and warning signs to all other motorists and vehicles not to block these lanes with a hefty penalty for anyone who does.
4) Create parking areas/spaces in the City with parking meters ( similar to Europe) to make motorists pay to enter and park in the City ( a further deterrent to vehicles entering the city)
5)  Make loading/unloading only zones / spaces .     Employ traffic wardens with powers to fine on-the-spot offenders or be reported/directed to the police.
6)  Make vehicle fee / pedestrian-only shopping precincts.
7)  Make delivery and pick-up hours for commercial vehicles restricted to nighttime or early morning
The above would create a healthy, clean, unpolluted, and safe shopping/visitor experience with the added income for the City.
A monorail system with its elevated concrete structures would create an eyesore and is hugely expensive to install/maintain.    If a Monorail system was installed then the system of “Park and Ride” should still apply, with the trains replacing the buses.
Graham W
Eddie R-All transportation should be free for tourists to get us to come, the city should make all baht buses free.
Cedric L-The population doesn’t seem large enough for this type of project. Now if talking about a bullet train from Pattaya to Bangkok, that would be a better project.
Allen-No not necessary. Rejuvenate the beach, build public toilets, and fix the flooding issue
Herman S-Keep it simple, baht buses are doing the job and are fun to ride, can ride the subway and sky train at home and they are not fun.
Tony L-No. The baht buses are very efficient.

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