One person killed, three seriously injured after sedan tried to beat train at crossing in Chonburi

PHOTO: ที่นี่ดอนเมือง-ชลบุรี

Mueang district, Chonburi —

A driver was killed and three passengers were seriously injured when their sedan collided with a train in Chonburi while trying to outrun it before crossing a railway intersection.

A shocking incident took place early this morning, September 9th, when Pol. Lt. Surachaiyot Chuaykaew from the Don Hua Lo police station responded to a fatal accident involving a black Honda Civic sedan and a train in the Don Hua Lo subdistrict of Mueang district, Chonburi.

PHOTO: ที่นี่ดอนเมือง-ชลบุรี

At around 3.30 a.m., the unidentified female victim aged about 35-years-old was found dead outside of her sedan wreckage beside a railway. Police and rescue workers then found another three victims (two men and one woman) stuck in the car, all were above 35-years-old and sustained serious injuries, so they were hurried to Chonburi Hospital for emergency aid.

PHOTO: ที่นี่ดอนเมือง-ชลบุรี

Parked 400 meters away from the accident scene was a freight train Number 607, which was transporting plastic materials from Map Ta Phut to Lop Buri province, according to police reports. Mr. Tu Maneewan, a station master and a witness, told associated Thai media, “The train was coming, so I dropped the barrier in advance. I saw a black sedan waiting behind another car.”

The officer carried on, “Then the sedan suddenly overtook that car, crashed through the barrier, and tried to outrun the train.” The sedan, however, failed miserably and got hit by the train in the middle and was dragged over 500 meters.”

PHOTO: ที่นี่ดอนเมือง-ชลบุรี
The station master warned drivers to strictly obey the train signals and never try to beat the train. “Trying to beat the train will very likely lead to fatalities,” the officer stated.

All three surviving victims remained at a hospital as of press time. Don Hu Lo police said they would interrogate all of them to find out why the deceased woman was in such a hurry. It was unclear what charges would be pressed.


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