Update: Indian man agrees to pay 200k baht to dance teacher over inappropriate touch on Pattaya Walking Street

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

Pattaya —

An Indian man agreed to pay a Thai dance teacher 200,000 baht over an inappropriate touch on Pattaya Walking Street yesterday night, but police said he would still get charged as well.

First, in our previous story,

A female dance teacher in Pattaya filed a report to police, claiming that a foreign tourist inappropriately touched her while on Walking Street.

Now for our update,

Pol. Maj. Thanya Udthong summoned Ms. NC (alias), a 43-year-old dance teacher, and the suspect identified by police as Mr. Sandeep, a 51-year-old Indian suspect, whom Ms. NC claimed inappropriately touched/grabbed her on Walking Street last night, September 6th.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

After being detained at the Pattaya police station, Mr. Sandeep asked the police to negotiate directly with the victim again, to which the victim agreed.

PHOTO: ข่าวคนชล

Mr. Sandeep reportedly conceded to his actions claiming that he was totally drunk. He also said that he would pay 200,000 baht in compensation to Ms. NC to settle the dispute, which she accepted and warned the suspect to pay more respect to Thai women.

However, Pol. Maj. Thanya stated that despite the compensation, the suspect would still be charged for causing chaos in public. The punishment for such a charge is a fine of up to 5,000 baht, TPN notes. Sandeep’s last name was withheld pending these charges.

The incident caused massive conversation on Thai and English language social media, although the general consensus was that grabbing another against their will, regardless of their location, gender, outfit, or occupation, was disrespectful and inappropriate, at the very least.


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