Sidewalks on Central Pattaya Road are 80% complete, set to be fully finished by end of September, Pattaya officials say

PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด

Pattaya —

Sidewalks on Central Pattaya Road, which were delayed from being fixed due to a labor shortage and restrictions during COVID-19, were 80% complete, according to Pattaya officials.

At the Pattaya City Hall today, September 7th, a meeting chaired by Passakorn Yusomboon, chairman of the Public Works and Utilities Committee, was arranged to discuss the progress of the walkway projects on Central Pattaya Road, following multiple complaints from ordinary pedestrians.

PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด

Most pedestrians were peeved at the project because it had been delayed from its original completion date of September 2021, Passakron stated. This was mainly due to a “labor shortage” caused by COVID-19 and obstructive wires that slowed down the work. The Pattaya news notes that during almost eight months of last year Covid rules prevented almost all construction work and locked down workers in their camps.

PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด

However, the walkways were approximately 80% complete based on the official’s estimation. The remaining 20% involved dealing with certain venue owners who Passakorn said may have encroached on the walkways, which thereby moved the completion date to the end of September 2022.


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