Pattaya dance teacher files report claiming foreign tourist inappropriately touched her while out for a stroll on Walking Street

Pattaya —

A female dance teacher in Pattaya filed a report to police, claiming that a foreign tourist inappropriately touched her while on Walking Street.

Ms. NC (alias), a 43-year-old dance teacher, filed a report with Pattaya police around 3 a.m. today, September 6th, following a surprising incident in which she claimed a foreign tourist sneaked up on her on Walking Street and inappropriately touched/grabbed her from behind.

The victim said that she was a dance teacher in Pattaya and used to teach many famous actors. Yesterday, she went on a night out on Walking Street to enjoy the vibe when a foreign man secretly snuck up behind her and touched her without her consent.

The dance teacher said she argued with the man, and the man tried to settle things down by offering her money, but she refused given that the man was totally disrespectful towards women. She then decided to report the suspect to Pattaya police, stressing that the suspect must face punishment.

As a result, the suspect had been reportedly identified, charged, and detained at the Pattaya police station as of press time. His name and nationality were not revealed to the press pending the police investigation, however. CCTV viewed on Walking Street reportedly backed NC’s statement of inappropriate touching and behavior.

The exact nature of the charges could range from sexual harassment to sexual assault with possible stuff legal penalties, noted Pattaya police. The foreigner had not immediately released a statement and it was unknown if he had retained a lawyer.

Pattaya police added that the incident would be taken seriously and according to them hurts the reputation of Pattaya.


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