Leader of the Thai Civilized Party, Mongkolkit, opposes hefty fines of new traffic law, seeking MPs names to propose amendments to parliament

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Bangkok –

Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, MP and the leader of the Thai Civilized Party stated on Monday, September 5th, that he opposed the increase in traffic law fines as it could bring more bribery and dishonesty to the law system.

The Party leader responded to the new traffic law implemented on Monday that the new rate of fines is excessively expensive, such as a fine for speeding was previously 500 baht now increased to 4,000 baht, breaking traffic lights was from 500 baht to 4,000 baht, and not wearing a helmet was 400 baht and now increased to 2,000 baht. For many Thai nationals working at minimum wage, this could be a week or two of work.

Therefore, he was planning to seek the names of 20 MPs to propose amendments to the hefty fines.

Mongkolkit stated: “Issuing such hefty fines is as if the government is trying to promote corruption in the justice system. And I believe most of the opposition MPs don’t agree with it either. So, I’ll collect at least 20 MPs who agreed to oppose such fines and propose the amendment to the parliament and remain at a rate that is not too high that exceeds the minimum wage.”

Additionally, TPN media notes that many of our readers expressed their concerns that the fines are not only costly but they may be charged only to tourists and/or foreigners.


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