New traffic law that requires all passengers in vehicles to wear seat belts and several traffic regulations put into effect today

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A new traffic law that requires all passengers in vehicles, including backseat passengers, to wear seat belts throughout the journey is put into effect today, September 5th. This also includes the requirement of a kids car seat for children under six years old.

Additionally, passengers who are under 135 centimeters tall must wear a seat belt or use a special seat at all times to prevent injuries in case of an accident. Violators could face a maximum fine of 2,000 baht, according to the new Land Traffic Act published in the Royal Gazette in May.

Today, several new traffic laws have also been implemented with increases in fines and punishment, said Police Major General Preecha Charoensatanon of the Traffic Police.

The increase of the penalty rate is to enforce safety for drivers and pedestrians. Some offenses – including speeding, breaking the red light, and not stopping for a pedestrian at a crosswalk – have a maximum penalty of 4,000 baht, according to his statement.

Preecha added: “However, in the first 3 months, the police would still implement the penalty of the previous law. And even though the new highest fine was 4,000 baht, the fines would continue to be initially at 500 baht in order to let drivers adjust and follow the traffic rules correctly.”


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