Leaving children or pets in vehicles parked in the sun can cause fatalities from heatstroke, Thai Forensic Physician Association President indicates

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Bangkok –

The Forensic Physician Association of Thailand clarified on Friday, September 2nd, that children and pets being abandoned in a vehicle being parked outdoors could cause fatalities from heatstroke.

Association President Dr. Smith Srisont revealed that they were many past pieces of research indicating that children could die from being abandoned in hot cars because of ‘heatstroke’ rather than suffocation as the temperature inside the vehicle can increase rapidly in the sun and children are less resistant to heat than adults.

According to his statement, heatstroke is more commonly found in children and the elderly than in adults due to their body temperature adjustment difficulty. Even though the outside temperature was only about 25-30 degrees celsius, parking the car in the sun during the day can rapidly raise the temperature inside the car to almost 60 degrees celsius.

Dr. Smith added: “Therefore, leaving a child in a car parked in the sun, although the window was open, it was still very dangerous and shouldn’t be done at all.”

“Finally, I’d like to prove the saying that a child left in a car will die from suffocation is wrong. They could die from heatstroke. If people tended to believe so, they might think that they could leave their children in the car with the window slightly opened which, in fact, is impractical and very dangerous even being left in less than an hour.”


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