Pattaya officials prepare for upcoming Pattaya Festival


Pattaya —

Pattaya officials were preparing for the upcoming Pattaya Festival that would soon take place from September 16th to 17th.

Many relevant Pattaya officials and organizations led by Ms. Thitiphan Petchtrakul, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, hosted a meeting at the City Hall yesterday, August 30th, to prepare for the upcoming Pattaya Festival.


According to the officials, the festival’s objective was to boost Pattaya’s tourism, which had been heavily affected by a lack of tourists due to the Covid-19 pandemic, just like the previous, successful Pattaya Music Festival.

However, this Pattaya Festival focused more on foreign tourists in order to proclaim to the world that Pattaya City was now ready to fully welcome visitors, following a significant improvement in the city’s pandemic situation.

Ms. Thitiphan ensured that the festival would be filled with many fun activities and delicious food that would make Pattaya live up to its billing as a “global destination.”


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