Thai Royal Gazette publishes Public Health announcement around cannabis in food products

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The Thai Royal Gazette published a Ministry of Public Health announcement on cannabis control on Friday, August 26th, requiring food distributors to attach a cannabis-infused label and attend a tutoring course.

According to the notification, food distributors who added substances of cannabis or hemp to their products must explicitly attach a message or a sign indicating that their venues sell products that contain cannabis or hemp as a part of their ingredients.

The sellers must also list all of their food menus that contain cannabis or hemp to the customers as well as provide safety recommendations for consuming cannabis or hemp-containing foods by showing the following statements from the public health’s recommendation:

(I) persons under twenty years of age, pregnant women, and lactating women should refrain from consuming; (II) If there are abnormal symptoms, persons should stop consuming immediately. If the symptoms are severe, they should seek medical treatment immediately; (III) Persons who are allergic to marijuana or hemp should refrain from consuming.

The announcement also mentioned the Health Department’s regulation of requiring a lesson on using cannabis or hemp substances in cooking as one of the curricula in the Ministry of Public Health’s training courses for restaurant entrepreneurs and food distributors. There are two courses, namely the entrepreneur course and food contact courses.

The studying is for 30 minutes per course and will include the plants’ nutrition, the use of marijuana for suitable and safe cooking for consumers, and the rules and penalties in case of improper consumption, etc.


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Nop Meechukhun
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