Pattaya residents and social media upset about overnight foreign motorbike racers disturbing the peace

Pattaya —

A large group of what appears to be Middle Eastern tourists with over 30 motorbikes allegedly blocked parts of Sukumvit Road to illegally race motorbikes.

Local media today in the early morning, August 22nd, reported about a group of foreign motorcyclists who gathered in front of the Esso gas station in South Pattaya to drive around the city, unnecessarily honk horns, and disturb peace in the neighborhood.

The group of around 30 racers also blocked a portion of Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya to race their motorcycles without a care for other drivers who may want to share the road, according to local media. This action outraged numerous Thais and foreign tourists who resided close to the street or the rendezvous of these foreign racers, prompting a question of where the law enforcement officials were when they were needed.

So far, many measures such as regularly inspecting motorbike rental shops, checking required documents and driving licenses of foreigners, and coordinating with hotel operators to warn tourists not to drive recklessly have been enforced by Pattaya Police.

However, many Pattaya residents still urged the authorities to be stricter to deter any possible harm that may be inflicted on innocent people or the racing tourists themselves.

TPN notes that late night racing has been an issue for some time in Pattaya and is not just limited to foreign tourists, with many issues with large groups of Thai youth also racing around the city.


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