The 20th fatality from the ‘Mountain B’ nightclub fire confirmed on Friday, a 50-year-old Thai man

Chonburi –The 20th fatality from the ‘Mountain B’ nightclub tragic fire incident was confirmed on Friday, August 19th, to be a 50-year-old Thai national who reportedly suffered from sepsis, local media reported.

The deceased, whose name was withheld due to our editorial policy, was reportedly one of the patients who was identified as a seriously injured case. He was being treated under close observation but later suffered from infections and was eventually pronounced dead as of 1:19 PM yesterday.

According to his older brother, the deceased had traveled from Bangkok to Sattahip to escort his mother to a hospital on the following day. However, his friends invited him to the ‘Mountain B’ venue on the night of the incident.

Most parts of his body were burned from the fire and he was in serious condition. He was rushed to Sattahip Hospital for an emergency before being transferred to the Chonburi hospital where he was treated for 14 days until he was pronounced dead on Friday afternoon.

The brother additionally told local reporters that the family had received compensation from the owner of Mountain B for 30,000 baht and the body would be delivered for a funeral on Saturday morning.


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