Couple on a motorbike falls into large construction hole in Pattaya street and suffer injuries

PHOTO: รักสยาม นิวส์

Pattaya —

  A couple on a motorbike fell into a large, 3-meter deep construction hole in the street on Soi Buakhao 15 and suffered several injuries.

Rescue workers from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasat Foundation rushed to Soi Buakhao 15 in Pattaya at 2 A.M. this morning, August 18th, to assist a couple who fell into a hole in the street.

PHOTO: รักสยาม นิวส์

The accident scene was an unfinished construction site near Grand Avenue Hotel. The street was reportedly closed to traffic, but a tiny path adjacent to a large, 3-meter deep hole dug for a storm drain pipe was open to let pedestrians and small vehicles pass.

The unidentified couple who reportedly tried to ride a bike on this path fell into a hole by accident and sustained many injuries. They both were rescued by pedestrians before the rescue workers arrived. The man said he felt a pain in his chest while the woman had to be wheeled into an ambulance due to her leg injuries. The workers then transferred them to Pattaya Hospital for medical treatment.

PHOTO: รักสยาม นิวส์

The witnesses stated that the two victims were a couple living nearby and were heading to a convenience store. However, when they reached the hole, the street suddenly collapsed and sent them flying into the hole along with their bike. The witnesses said the victims were still very lucky, as they did not get impaled by any steel rod in the hole.

Soi Buakhao residents commented after the accident that they wanted to see the hole covered as urgently as possible to deter further similar accidents. The next time it might cost somebody’s life, the residents stated.


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