Instant noodle makers plead for a price increase, pledge to focus on export market, but Thai officials disagree for now, saying it will hurt the poor too much

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The supplies of instant noodles in Thailand would be stable and sufficient for domestic customers despite several entrepreneurs’ declarations to focus more on export markets, the Internal Trade chief stated on Tuesday, August 16th.

Wattanasak Sueaiam, director-general of the Department of Internal Trade, said that the department had acknowledged the demand of five major instant noodle manufacturers who arrived at the Ministry of Commerce to call for an increase in their product price from six baht to eight baht per pack due to rising production costs.

“The department had observed the cost of materials and productions of the business. But after the department’s thorough consideration, any manufacturer was not allowed to raise the price yet. If found, they would be prosecuted to imprisonment of up to seven years and/or a maximum fine of 140,000 baht,” Wattanasak added.

As a result, more entrepreneurs started to focus more on the export market as they were more profitable. However, the Internal Trade chief reassured the public that the products are sufficient to meet the needs of consumers in the country.

จุรินทร์ ลักษณวิศิษฎ์
Jurin Laksanawisit

Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit also commented on the issue that the price increase request from six to eight baht was considered too much which could significantly affect people with lower income.

He mentioned that the latest price increase of instant noodles was made in 2008, from 5 baht to 6 baht per pack in 2008.

Jurin added: “However, it all depended on the Department of Internal Trade to consider the request based on the production cost, according to their policy. If the increase had to be made in accordance with the actual increase in costs, then the department would have to adjust the price but we would make sure that such an increase would cause as little trouble and burden to consumers as possible while entrepreneurs must be able to continue producing the products for domestic markets effectively.”


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