60-year-old Swedish man in Pattaya allegedly stabs one Thai man, injures another, and flees over reported domestic dispute with his boyfriend

Pattaya, Thailand-

A 60-year-old Swedish expat is on the run tonight according to Pattaya Police after injuring one Thai man and stabbing his own boyfriend several times with a knife following a domestic dispute.

The incident reportedly took place around 7:00 P.M tonight, August 15th, 2022 at the View Talay Two Condo Building B in Jomtien in an apartment on the fourteenth floor.

According to Sawang Boriboon rescue services they arrived after getting a frantic call from the condo that 49-year-old Wichit Onlaor had been stabbed several times with a paring knife in the chest and ribcage. Wichit was seriously injured and rushed to a local hospital. Wichit is reportedly the boyfriend of the foreign suspect.

Also injured with a cracked skull was 41-year-old Lek Sosud.

According to Lek, he had come over just to visit his friend Wichit when the Swedish man, whose name has been not released at this time by Pattaya Police, came home and accused the two men of having an affair. Lek denies this allegation and stated the two men were just hanging out as friends.

A furious argument began and according to Lek the Swedish man grabbed a knife from the kitchen, stabbed his boyfriend several times and then attacked Lek, slamming his head into a counter and wall several times. The foreign man then fled.

Pattaya Police are tracking down the Swedish suspect as of press time and have urged the man to turn himself in and give his side of the story. They fear, however, that he may try to flee the country and have alerted Immigration.

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