UPDATE: Sri Racha highway officers to be investigated after forgetting victim’s body in a car

PHOTO: ประชาชาตินิวส์ ทีวี ภูมิภาค

Sri Racha —

Sri Racha highway rescuers who forgot the body of a car crash victim inside the car for 12 hours will be facing an investigation from the Department of Highways and the Highway Police Division.

First, our previous story,

Sri Racha highway rescuers who responded to a car accident reportedly forgot the body of a victim inside the car wreck for 12 hours before being found by police officers.

Now, for our updated story,

Pol. Maj. Gen. Ekkarat Limsangkat, Commander of the Highway Police Division, held a press conference today, August 12th, to address the incident last Tuesday in which Sri Racha rescuers allegedly left the body of a car crash victim inside the car for 12 hours.

Ekkarat said he felt truly sorry for the victim’s family. He had set up a special committee to investigate all parties involved in the allegations. If they were found guilty, they would have to undergo disciplinary and criminal proceedings, Ekkarat stated.

On the day of the accident, rescuers who went to the scene claimed they thoroughly checked the wreckage and only found a prescription bag, which belonged to Mr. Pattarachai Attaporn or the victim. However, no body was found, so the rescuers assumed that the victim had already been transported to a hospital, Ekkarat said.

A vehicle was then towed to a police pound. But no hospital reported the victim’s admission, so a policeman went to inspect a vehicle and found the body beneath a steering wheel covered in a lot of clothes, Ekkarat claimed.

An aortic dissection was proved to be the underlying cause of death, which had an 80% risk of immediate mortality, according to doctors at the conference.

Passakorn, one of the rescuers responding to the accident, said he could not see the victim or hear any plea for help, and neither could his six teammates. The reason he did not get onto the driver’s seat was that he did not want to interfere with the victim’s belongings, as someone had filed a complaint against his team once for missing property.

Passakorn expressed his deepest condolences and accepted all criticism from the citizens. Initially, the Department of Highways will handle every expense for the victim’s funeral and vowed to operate with more caution.


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