British man caught lying about being attacked by taxi driver in Chiang Mai, instead reportedly hurt himself while climbing into resident’s yards

Chiang Mai –

A British national was caught reportedly lying to the authorities about being attacked by a taxi driver while returning from an entertainment venue on Ratchawithi Road in Mueang District, Chiang Mai province, last Tuesday, July 26th.

This followed a news report that the foreign victim was stabbed by a Thai taxi driver at around 1:52 AM. on Tuesday. He was reportedly injured from sharp cuts on his palm and fingers. He was taken to a private hospital in Chiang Mai and confirmed to the tourist police that he had been attacked and that his mobile phone was missing.

Chiang Mai police, however, became suspicious of the story when Mr. Miller was unable to answer basic questions about the alleged attack and taxi description or where he had hired the car and began asking questions themselves and reviewing CCTV in the area where Daniel had been found injured.

However, as of today, July 29th, Chiang Mai police revealed that British national Daniel William, 30, was not physically attacked but the injuries on his hands were reportedly caused by climbing the fence of a coffee shop and a guesthouse in Soi 11 on Phra Pok Klao Road, Phra Sing Subdistrict.

The coffee shop owner, whose name was withheld by Chiang Mai police, told the officials that late at night, their relative who was inside the shop heard a loud noise coming from the concrete fence on the east side of the shop. They went for a look and reportedly saw a foreigner, looking drunk, falling from the fence and hurriedly ran to climb the other side of the fence of the shop that was covered with zinc fences. Parts of the fence reportedly collapsed and were damaged.

Daniel managed to cross the fence to the house next door but a dog barked loudly, so he quickly climbed to yet another home. There were still clear blood stains on the fence, the coffee shop owner stated.

Additionally, the owner said that the wounds on the tourist’s hands appeared to be from zinc fences. “No one was chasing him. He also seemed to be intoxicated. We had no idea why he told the police that he was under attack or why he was climbing into yards and residential homes,” they added.

“The cell phone that claimed to be lost was found fallen near the fence that he jumped from, along with a pair of sneakers which has already been picked up by the police.” The coffee shop owner concluded.

Chiang Mai police did not immediately state if they planned to file legal charges against Daniel but had several options such as filing a false report or trespassing. According to Major General Thawatchai Pongwiwattanachai, Chiang Mai Provincial Police, the investigation was ongoing, and Mr. Miller’s false statement hurt the image of Chiang Mai and tourism.

Mr. Miller did not immediately release a statement responding to Chiang Mai police stating his claim of being attacked was false.

Photo Courtesy: Chiang Mai News


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