Reader Talkback Thailand Results: Do YOU support cannabis decriminalization in Thailand?

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Do YOU support cannabis decriminalization in Thailand?

Some context around this question:

Cannabis has been one of the hottest topics in Thailand for a month now since the plant was decriminalized on June 9th. It has led to many takes and diverse opinions in the media. Now, we want to hear YOUR opinion. Do you support it? Are you against it? What rules should be in place? Should people be allowed to smoke at bars or clubs? Should recreational zones be created or should it stay strictly medical? Should stricter rules be implemented for selling or buying cannabis?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so we selected a variety of the most varied opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:

Joe W-Yes I fully support it being decriminalized if it is treated the same as the Netherlands it would be


George T-cannabis is a gateway drug and has been known to lead to heavier drug use. As a former police officer, heavily involved in dealing with drug problems, I hate to see this become a problem for Thailand, high I suspect it will become. Once you have let the genie out of the bottle, you cannot force it back in.


Mick M-Yes way to go it has been around for thousands of years and much research has been done in other countries on the benefits and tax profit that can be made better to have it out in the open than underground and associated with harder drugs.proven far less harmful than alcohol and that is legal


Darren L-No. In fact, not only should it be banned but alcohol should be banned as well as cigarettes and a crackdown should take place on prostitution, targeting customers, which would stop it in Thailand. Thailand has a chance to brand itself as a high-class country by banning these horrific things.


Anders M-

Yes, it’s very simple. Legalization means the government is in control, as opposed to criminal cartels. It also means you take the profit away from criminal cartels, and hand it to the people of Thailand and the government. This goes for all drugs really, but cannabis is special since it has a vast amount of positive use cases (which meth, for example, does not).

Legalizing cannabis is a great thing for Thailand, and it’s a massive win-win if you look at the big picture. Compared to all the problems caused by alcohol, cannabis hardly registers on the radar. I only hope the rest of the world follows the great example Thailand has set here, so people are free to grow this magnificent plant that can be used for so many things.


Bob H-

Yes, I support legal recreational weed.
I feel the Thai ministers in charge should get help from the USA so they could make better-informed statements concerning the use of the product. Some of the statements and policies are so outdated it’s comical ie…like overdosing from smoking…
And smoke and smell are considered nuisance…it’s childish and Thais need to grow up and accept the fact that this is a great source of tax revenue and that monies generated should help social programs and the poor if the distribution of funds is handled correctly; ie..substance abuse, homeless, and most importantly education!
Phil T-If they try and ban this natural, health-giving plant, but are promoting and even forcing an unsafe, untested synthetic drug that is killing people and causing future immunity compromises and sudden death in otherwise healthy people, it’s obviously corrupt.
Jimmy H-Maybe it will switch people from ya baa. Doesn’t compete with beer as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been drinking beer for 40 years but never touched dope and never will.
John D-I’m not a user, however, I’m glad they decriminalized it, however, there need to be some regulations around the use.
Sean M-A lot better than alcohol. No one’s died using cannabis. And the byproducts have massive environmental and medicinal benefits. Can’t say that about alcohol. That’s been legal and abused for how long. Kinda a win-win no brainer. Much rather be around a stoner than a drunk any day.
Arjun S- NO. It is against the will of the Great Allah and MUST be banned. We must also ban alcohol and stop liberal movements against the will of Allah like gay marriage in Thailand.
Zelda P-It has always been a victimless crime. Good that the police now can concentrate on real crime!

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