Indian tourist’s gold necklace worth 30,000 baht allegedly stolen by transgender individual in Pattaya

Pattaya —

An Indian tourist said his gold necklace worth 30,000 baht was stolen by what he believed was a transgender individual while he was on a late night out alone at Pattaya Beach.

The Indian victim, Mr. Karthikeyan, 43, came to the Pattaya Police Station to report to Pol. Capt. Sombat Kaewmunmuk that his gold necklace weighing 80 grams and worth 30,000 baht was snatched while he was strolling and enjoying the scenery of Pattaya Beach at around 11:30 PM on Friday, July 22nd, alone.

On the side of the road while he was walking, the victim said a motorcyclist whom the victim believed was a transgender individual approached him and snatched the gold necklace right from his neck before speeding away. “I was shocked that it happened to me because the road was very crowded,” Mr. Karthikeyan stated.

According to reports, Officer Sombat went to investigate the crime scene immediately after the victim reported to him, but the suspect was nowhere to be found. Initially, the officer warned other tourists not to wear any expensive jewelry as this is the 10th time that a similar gold-snatching occurrence happened in the Pattaya areas, TPN notes.

Officer Sombat said that he would review CCTV footage and capture the suspect as soon as possible. You can click this link to learn more about the last incident here.


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