Medical Council of Thailand issues guidelines on cannabis use for medical treatment

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The Medical Council of Thailand today, July 13th, has released 7 guidelines on cannabis and hemp use for medical purposes to prevent plant abuse among the public after the decriminalization of the plant.

The Council stated that the guidelines were issued for medical personnel for prescription after many marijuana users gradually sought urgent medical treatment because of alleged illness, hallucination, or harming themselves or others caused by what users said was marijuana abuse.

It is also stressed that cannabis/hemp use is only for the temporary relief of symptoms as appropriate. Therefore, the seven guidelines for doctors were issued which include:

(TPN media notes these are only guidelines by the medical council and not laws or mandates)

  1. Only extracts with a known amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC) can be used for treatment as prescribed by doctors who have been trained on how to use cannabis for medical purposes.
  2. Do not use cannabis extracts as a first option. Instead, only use them if other medicines are not effective in curing or controlling symptoms of certain diseases.
  3. Do not use cannabis extracts on pregnant and breastfeeding women and those who are under 25 years old because cannabis can affect brain development, according to the council.
  4. Do not mix cannabis or hemp ingredients into food or sweets for the public
  5. Do not use cannabis or hemp for recreational purposes.
  6. Do not use cannabis inflorescences as they are still listed in the Narcotics and contain narcotic levels that can damage one’s health.
  7. Do not prescribe cannabis or hemp to people who do not have any diseases according to indications.


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