Local officers inspect bridge in Koh Chang’s mangrove forest following viral OnlyFans clip reportedly being shot at the scene

Koh Chang, Trat –

Local officials and reporters inspected a bridge at Salak Kok Mangrove Forest in Koh Chang yesterday, July 12th, following a widely-shared OnlyFans adult clip that was presumably shot at the forest – causing an unpleasant perception of the natural attraction.

Rajan Phuthanin, manager of the Salak Khok Local Tourism Club, who led the inspection, told the reporters that the bridge that appeared in the clip is about 1 meter wide and 900 meters long and is currently in disrepair. Many resting areas are also abandoned as there were not many tourists visiting the place for several years, making the forest secluded and out of public sight.

Deputy mayor of Koh Chang Tai subdistrict Chanya Kittiwiriyawong stated that the attraction is under renovation and the local government has already planned to request a budget from relevant agencies for renovation. Meanwhile, a no-access sign will be put up on the bridge to prohibit visitors to trespass as it could be dangerous.

Community leaders and the villagers of Salak Khok also volunteered to look out and report any obscene and inappropriate behaviors among teenagers who came to use the bridge.

Photo Courtesy: Manager Online


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Nop Meechukhun
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