Guest opinion: What an Amazing Place we Live in Thailand

What an Amazing Place we Live

What an amazing place we live. It still blows me away thinking of how close so much raw nature is to one of the world’s largest and most chaotic megacities – Bangkok. In less than three hours, in literally any direction, from the hustle and bustle of this great city, one can find true wilderness and incredible wildlife experiences. While we are getting ready for summer, I would like to encourage you to take advantage of some of the wildlife experiences that can be found in the four directions of the compass.



This is easy. Whales! I have done several articles over the years about our local Eden’s Whales (previously Bryde’s Whales) and how awesome spending time with them can be. The whale-watching season is in full force now and one can see these leviathans up close on a whale-watching vessel. As a bonus, there are now rare pelagic birds in the gulf, and, who knows, maybe you can see the critically endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins as well!

Eden’s Whales



Now is a GREAT time to head west from town. Well, west-southwest to be more precise. This is a peak time for wildlife viewing in Kaeng Krachan National Park. Just this last weekend, I spent time there viewing one of the rarely seen birds in the Kingdom – the Blue-banded Kingfisher. And I had the pleasure of seeing many other species of birds and even had a great encounter with TWO Malayan Sun Bears! There is a lot happening now in the park and I would recommend getting there as soon as possible. Maybe a Black Leopard is in your future?

Blue-banded Kingfisher
Malayan Sun Bears


Very few people realize that one of Thailand’s most prized biodiversity treasures, Huai Kha Khaeng, has a large section that is open to the public and there is no need for a permit to see its natural wonders. I go often and would highly recommend a visit to the area in and around the Seub Nakhasathien shrine and Headquarters. I have seen so much wildlife in that area and the area along the long road that traverses the eastern edge of the reserve.


So much is here! Khao Yai of course is the crown jewel for wildlife-minded tourists. There are countless species of birds and mammals and reptiles to see in this wilderness. Many of us have surely been there before but if you have not done so already, I highly recommend a guide who knows the current sightings in the park. Your experience will be so much richer with a local expert.

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