Royal Thai Police prohibits smoking cannabis and hemp for recreational use in all police premises nationwide

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Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police ordered a prohibition of smoking cannabis and hemp for police officers stationed in all stations and units while people who came to contact officers must not cause odor or smoke of any kind.

The announcement, published on Tuesday (July 5th), includes guidelines on marijuana or hemp usage in police stations, categorizing four topics as follows:

  1. Police officers and personnel must comply with the notifications of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the smell and smoke of cannabis, hemp, or any other plants as a nuisance and the cannabis and hemp as controlled herbs, as well as any strictly prohibited laws in other related announcements.
  2. Police stations and offices of agencies affiliated with the police are designated as “forbidden areas” to smoke marijuana or hemp in order to prevent nuisances under the law on public health as they will disturb the public, government personnel, and officers working in police offices.
  3. Head of the police stations and of departments under the police are assigned to control the use of marijuana or hemp for recreation in the stations and government offices.
  4. People who come to the stations or government offices to contact the officers are prohibited to cause any smell or odors of cannabis, hemp, or any other plants on government premises. Violators could be charged and proceed with legal prosecutions.


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Nop Meechukhun
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